About Bear Mountain Maple Farm

The Plante family has been producing pure New Hampshire maple syrup on our small farm in Hinsdale, NH since 1993.

We make our 100% pure New Hampshire maple syrup the old-fashioned way, with a wood-fired evaporator. This tradition has been handed down for 3 generations, from our father Phil Plante, and passed to him from our grandfather, Emile Plante, in rural Canada. We strive to earn each customer’s business by making the best New Hampshire maple syrup through our old-fashioned technique, without cutting corners, or any modern sap processing practices.

Jason and Louis are the two youngest sons of Phil, and have taken the torch of the family tradition to a new level. In 2017, they re-engineered the entire tap line system, and other various improvements to improve our efficiency and yield. Because of this, the 2018 batch of syrup is the best you’ll ever taste, and the best we’ve ever made!  

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